1. Long misty drives in the early hours of the morning & clay-making.

    Long misty drives in the early hours of the morning & clay-making.

  2. Afternoon Read

    Enjoying the latest edition of Kinfolk Magazine & a couple of my hand-carved spoons I’ve made over the past few days.

  3. Wheat-field gatherings.

    Wheat-field gatherings.

  4. Table-Top Tools

    Featuring some beautiful treasures I have collected during the past few weeks. A lovely horse-hair brush, which I saved from ending up in the rubbish, a very old spool wrapped with the thinnest brown cotton yarn, a wooden bowl filled with some scape linen rope, a lovely knotted jute string bag, some found gum-nuts I collected from bush walks and a little wooden spoon I hand-carved on Sunday from Tasmanian Huon Pine.

    I will post some more detailed photographs of the spoon itself and some other wooden pieces I am currently working on. I am learning how truly wonderful working with wood really is, especially beautiful Australian woods like Huon Pine.

    The process is something I love, although I do have such a bitter/sweet feeling when it comes to sanding. I feel like I could sand for days and it is never-ending, but when you start to move through the sand paper grades you really start to see the true quality of the piece of wood your working with. As you sand through each layer the beautiful wood grain starts to show up more and more, and at this point it feels like it is quite addictive. Sanding over and over to achieve a smoother, softer surface and eventually you end up holding such a lovely smooth surface covered with beautifully intricate patterns, lines and wood grain. It is at this point when you can finish the surface with a natural oil, (in this case I used bees-wax), you are then able to really see the beautiful character of the wood. It is definitely the most rewarding part of the entire process.

  5. Paddington street-finds, a series of pretty windows & a sad broken street chair.

    Paddington street-finds, a series of pretty windows & a sad broken street chair.

  6. By The Sea

    Faded and endless imagery by the sea, there is something about the sea-side which has always captivated me. I love being able to look out onto the wide horizon and see the faded blues and greys stretched out endlessly into the sea. Perhaps it is the calming quality and the overall atmosphere the water has, all I know is that I have always been drawn to the ocean. Here is a recent collection of photographs taken at some at my favourite sea-side locations around Sydney. Viewing the water from a far to notice the subtle patterns in the waves, the beautiful weathered rocks, the cliff-sides and the intricate way the water flows around the rock pools.

  7. Koskela walls, bicycles, old rope & Indian scissors.

    Koskela walls, bicycles, old rope & Indian scissors.

  8. For The Table - Hello March

    I thought I would start to write a little more about the ideas and stories behind the things I create and post, starting with this month - march. The change of seasons means it is no longer summer here and it has definitely shown, with the gloomy and rainy past few days making today feel a little nostalgic. Today’s table was filled with both new & old pieces, featuring my favourite leather camera case for an beautiful old 120mm film camera I collected from a junk store years ago, along with a lens which I re-discovered while sorting through some of my old boxes in storage. A combination of a few of my favourite bits and pieces, linen, coral, wheat field gatherings, interlaced wool samples, ceramic pieces and wooden spoons brought back from my recent trip to Japan, and my hand-formed porcelain spoons. A new piece that is currently a work in process, as I am in the stages of experimenting and making prototypes to complete a series of hand-crafted ceramic spoons and tea strainers.